Quality control materials: how best to use them, why they can improve your service, and what this means for your laboratory accreditation

The move from CPA to ISO 15189 has left laboratories with many more challenges to address, particularly around the use of quality control materials.

The National Institute of Biological Standards and Control (NIBSC) are pleased to be hosting a webinar, in partnership with the Institute of Biomedical Science (IBMS), addressing these challenges. The webinar will provide expert guidance on the use and monitoring of control materials, to support clinical laboratory staff to address auditor’s questions and meet the demands of the standard on the use of these materials.

In addition, the webinar will focus on Clause verification of examination procedures, Clause measurement uncertainty of measured quantity values, Clause quality control materials and Clause quality control data of the ISO standard and look at ways of addressing them.

The webinar will cover:

  • ISO15189 and the use of quality control materials
  • Types of control material and their use
  • The benefits of regular monitoring, including the use of Westgard rules
  • How to select the best control materials for your assay

Who should attend

This webinar will offer valuable insights for Laboratory Managers, Quality Managers and Biomedical Scientists. The webinar will also benefit those working in assay manufacturing environments or those who have interactions and exposure to clinical diagnostic assays.


Delegates attending the webinar can use this event as a key learning opportunity for their CPD.


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  • Start of Webinar - 11:30

    Chairperson: Paul Stickings, Scientist, NIBSC

  • ISO 15189

    Presenter - Jennifer Sandle, QA Officer, NIBSC

    • How control materials are relevant

  • Choosing your control materials

    Presenter - Clare Morris, Scientist, NIBSC

    • What are control materials?
    • What types are there?


  • Using external quality control materials in your assay

    Presenter - Rob Anderson, Scientist, NIBSC

  • Data monitoring and how to interpret it

    Presenter - David Padley, Scientist, NIBSC

  • Webinar ends - 13:00


Clare Morris photo

Clare Morris


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Jennifer Sandle photo

Jennifer Sandle

Quality Manager, NIBSC

Jennifer completed her degree in Biomedical Science in May 2...
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Rob Anderson

Scientist, NIBSC

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David Padley


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